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Frequently Asked Questions

Fafameso is a shopping fulfilment service giving customers the ability to select and purchase products internationally and have these delivered locally to their chosen address.

You Buy shopping is suited to customers with the ability to purchase in the currency of seller. Yedibeba would receive the purchased items and deliver to the customers address.

When should I shop through We Buy?

We Buy shopping is suited to customers with local currency but require the purchase currency equivalent. Yedibeba would purchase on their behalf and deliver to the customers address.

Shipping via Air Freight arrives in Ghana in 4 – 5 days.

Shipping via Sea freight arrives in with you in Ghana within 4 – 5 weeks of shipment.

Customers can purchase additional packaging to protect their delicate purchases.

Refunds on purchases can only be processed prior to shipment from our warehouse.

Customers of Fafameso are setup on our client portal for direct communication to our office.

No purchase transaction value is too small

Customer orders are available from any location.

There is a no max weight for shipment. There are health and safety considerations to bear in mind, so bulky and heavy purchases have must be communicated to Yedibeba prior to the transaction completion.

Fafameso accepts all major modes of payments. These are payments by Cash, Debit Card, Visa Card and MoMo. Payments have to credit our account before the Fafameso order will be processed.

Tracking is provided for the major milestones along the purchase and delivery operation. These are purchase delivery at our warehouse, shipment from our warehouse, arrival at port and delivery to local warehouse. Delivery slots will be provided prior to delivery at your address.

Delivery of perishable items will only be undertaken by air freight and can be quoted upon request.

There is no limits on quantities that can be ordered.

Fafameso offers pickup service.

There are no limits in size to bulky items. We do request prior notice however for any bulky items.