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Real-time, progress as your shipment speeds through network.

* Enter up to 25 tracking numbers.

At Fafameso, we deliver your purchases anywhere in the world wherever you live and we accept local currency payments for international purchases.

We consolidate
Several Orders

Would you like to place several orders? We can group them together in the same box to forward your consignment.

Make purchases on several e-commerce sites across the world and pay for one shipment only !

We offer to consolidate all your purchases in one single box allowing you to save on the shipping fees. It is always more interesting to send one heavy parcel than two light ones.

Fafameso is the complete service for your international shopping needs. Shop online and use the Fafameso warehouse address for delivery. When we receive your parcels we will organise the onwards shipping to you in Africa or anywhere in the world.

We have both the resources and expertise to provide a highly competitive logistics service across the globe. This enables us to provide safe, prompt and hassle-free air and sea shipping services to individuals, small and large businesses at affordable prices.

We don’t find customers for our products and services, but find solutions for them

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